We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of exhaust systems to the leading vehicle assembly plant in Colombia.

In addition to small vehicle exhaust systems, we manufacture exhaust pipes for large vehicles such trucks and buses (up to 5” ΦD tube). Our products are manufactured with specialty steel grades that can withstand the harshest of operating environments, without adding excess weight to the product that would otherwise compromise fuel savings. Steel grades that we work with, include but are not limited to the following:  409, 429, 439, 432, 436 and 15CrCb.

We meet the highest quality and environmental standards, and therefore noise reduction and emission control are our priorities when designing your products. Our manufacturing platform is vertically integrated and we are experts in the application of complex welds. We are capable of manufacturing "tie-bar assemblies", "side impact bars", fuel, oil and gas tanks, and we fabricate pipes for fluid management.